From: Mary <>
Date: Jan 7, 2008 11:03 AM
Subject: Update from Mary

Mary E. Adams Ministries
Update - January 7, 2008
Greetings and love to all our friends!  Bess and I will be leaving Alaska for a four-month missions trip in just eight days...hardly seems real that it is that time once again!  Seems like yesterday we were in South Africa...
This is the first of updates I will be sending you during our travels; it's important to us that you go along and experience the joys we know await us and meet the wonderful people along the way. 
Our journey will take us first to Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.  That has been "headquarters" to me for many years, and the lovely Christian people I met there so long ago have always been special to my heart as they have given us shelter and opened so many doors for ministry to us for over a decade. I can tell you that the Malaysian Christians are doing such a fantastic job of spreading the Good News all over Asia.  It's exciting to me to know the Gospel is reaching into every village as well as the large cities despite their hardships and great sacrifices. 
Won't be long in KL, however.  We leave for India a week after we arrive in Malaysia and will be there almost a month. Then on to Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia, and Borneo before we return home in early May--a solid  four months of constant travel and ministry.  We covet all your prayers while we are gone...especially in Sri Lanka, as that country has been on my list of "must go" places for many years.  The doors have finally opened.

Once again Bess Graham is my travel companion and helper in the ministry--for the 3rd time.  How powerfully God has used her testimonies and preaching!  God has given me one of the very best I could ever hope for; she has been a joy to travel with and I can't thank the Lord enough for sending her to join me.  Not only is she highly anointed, she is a prayer-warrior deluxe, and that is so essential to have someone agreeing in prayer for all our needs and protection.  Jesus sent his disciples out two-by-two for that very reason, and it certainly has proven great wisdom to me personally. Many thanks to her church in Louisiana for helping to send her with me.
Melanie Yap, who also has travelled with me for many years, will be coming to India also and my long-time friends, Catherine Yeoh and her husband will also come along with Melanie--their first time to that nation.
Friends, our world is in chaos and on the horizon there are many things that bring worrisome thoughts to our minds, but it is the constant reminder of our Lord's presence that keeps us from fear and our ship steady through every storm.  For those of you experiencing sickness, disease, financial and family problems, remind yourself of His faithfulness.  He's closer to us than our very breath and always hears our cries.  Our prayers for you is that the days ahead will bring you much joy and peace as your receive that love into your life!
God bless each of you who have made trip trip possible with your support and prayers, thank you again and again.
In Jesus,