A Message from Bess to the Church
January 12, 2008

Dear Church,
     I am sitting in Alaska at 9:00 AM and it is still dark. The sun does not come up until lunch time. The mountains are covered in snow, tree limbs have ice and snow on them, everything is white. It is so beautiful. Yesterday I spoke at the ladies meeting, where God sent me to meet Miss Mary in 2005. Miss Rose made her Louisiana gumbo and potato salad for lunch. It was delicious as usual. It was nice to see my extended family I have here. They are a wonderful group of prayer warriors, another part of His Body He has allowed me to discover.
      About a month and a half before I left for this mission trip, all kinds of things were happening in my life. I asked my Father what is this, why is all of this happening? His answer was, "I am preparing you for what you are about to face. You must be able to stand in the midst of any circumstance. knowing you are in the palm of my hand, and not be moved." I thought, this sounds interesting. I left from Jackson on Tuesday, January 9,2008, at 2:30 PM, scheduled to Arrive in Anchorage, Alaska at 11:54 PM. The flights to Houston and Seattle were on time, smooth sailing. When I fly , I trust God, and never worry. I, like my Pastor, love to fly. We left Seattle and got about half way, when the pilot came on the intercom saying," we are experiencing mechanical difficulties. We will keep you informed as we receive information as to what we will do." I remembered what my Father said, "You must be able to stand and not be moved resting in the palm of My hand." Church, I went to sleep, very unusual for me on a plane. I woke up and we were landing. I looked out the window and it was raining. I had talked to Miss Mary when we landed in Seattle and she told me it was a snow storm in Anchorage. As I looked at the rain, I became puzzled. Two teenage girls were sitting on the row with me. I heard the stewardess say, "Sorry for the inconvenience, we will inform you if we will change planes or have this plane repaired when the part arrives." The girls told me we were back in Seattle. I thought, wow I really slept, not worried at all. The navigation system had gone out on the plane. The part was on the way and we had to sit on the plane waiting for it to be repaired. We arrived on the same plane to Anchorage at 4:30 AM, Alaska time, 10:30 AM home time. It was a long day, but a rewarding day. I was not moved, I slept in the palm of His hand! Glory! I am not bragging, I am rejoicing and thanking you all for your prayers for me. I feel your love and your prayers and it definitely strengthens me. I know as we, (you are with me), embark on this mission trip, we will encounter trials. But I want to do what the Word says in James, count it all joy, knowing the testing of your faith worketh patience. I will not be doubled minded nor will I waver. I like the end result,verse 12 of James 1. Blessed is the man that endureth temptation; for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him. Just know my dear church family, I cherish your prayers and know that you are keeping me lifted up.
       We have a very busy schedule this year. We will travel a lot. We leave Alaska on January 15, arrive in Seoul, Korea the16th, leave the 17th, arrive in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia the 18th. We stay there until the 24th of January, then leaving to go to Bangalore, India. We will be traveling in India. I will keep you informed as to all of the places as we go. We will be speaking at a large ministers conference in Bangalore on the 18th - 22nd of February. After speaking on the 22nd, we leave that afternoon for Sri Lanka and will be there until March 4. We return to our home away from home, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia on the 4th of March, staying until the 10th. We leave to go to Jahor Baru, Malaysia, the 10th. This is where Catherine is. By the way, Catherine, Yo, and my dear sister Melanie will be with us in India, so add them in the prayers also. We will go to Singapore from Catherines on the 20th for a service that Thursday night returning to JB for services at Catherines church on Sunday. We will minister in JB during the week and return to Singapore for services on Friday through Sunday. On Monday, March 31, we return to Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia and stay there until April 2, then leaving for Brisbane, Australia. We stay there until the 16th and go to Kota Kina Balu, Borneo until May 1 then returning to Kuala Lunpar until the 6th of May leaving for Seoul, Korea and returning to Alaska on the 7th. If there are changes I will inform you. I am being treated to a trip to Seward, Alaska when we return to the states and God has blessed me by making a way for my mother to meet me in Alaska. I am so excited to know that my dear sweet mother will be waiting for me when I get here. I know I will be ready to feel those loving arms around me. Her unending love for me is such a strength. Pray for her also.
      I already miss you all but I am about my Fathers business. I am excited about sharing His love with as many as I can. I just want to let as many as I  can see and know how real He is. He is so real and alive to me and I just want everyone to receive ALL that He has for them. I love you all very much and I am glad to be a part of Christian Fellowship.

Much love to you,
Your Missionary, Bess