A Message from Bess to the Church
January 27, 2008

Dear Church,
     I just want to say hello from India while I have a few minutes. The night we arrived was a nightmare. In the airport, I have never experienced such pushing and shoving. Miss Mary and I both were pushed many times. We finally decided the only way to get through customs was to push our way through and that is what we did. It was not a pleasant experience. We then went to get our luggage and the pushing intensified. The men were so rude pushing. There were bottles of some kind of Hindu holy water they were all trying to get to. I took a few pictures but even that was difficult to do. After we finally got our luggage we were in a line to go outside. You had to go with the flow because you could not stop. On the way out we tried to see Pastor Francis but could not find him. We walked in the street to see if we could see him but the crowd was so big only a miracle would find him. After 2 hours of waiting, we were getting really tired. Some Indian taxi drivers were trying to help us but we did not have the address or the phone number. We prayed together again. I stayed with the luggage and Miss Mary started back to the door to see if she could see anyone. We were looking for Pastor and she ran straight into pastors wife. She had been looking for us and had prayed also. Praise the Lord! He got us out of that nightmare. The airport was not this bad the last time I was here. Pastor Francis told us they have built a new bigger airport that will open in March. Praise God! They need it plus some organization.
     We had a layover in Sri Lanka on our way to India from Malaysia and the airlines provided a room for us at a hotel. The Pastor and his wife that we will be ministering with in Sri Lanka came to the hotel to meet us. They had to drive for an hour and a half to get to the  hotel  we were at. On the way from the airport to the hotel, we saw many soldiers with machine guns. They had little huts built out of rocks and bamboo for cover during attack. I saw big guns in these shelters. As we rode in the van on the way to the hotel, Miss Mary and I both just prayed and thanked God for His protection on us. We were not afraid because we know we are in the palm of His hand. The Pastor is so thankful that we are coming. We will be back to Sri Lanka on the 22nd of February. I know my Father has a plan and I want to follow it.
      Yesterday, Friday, January 25, we had lunch with Pastor Francis and then came to our rooms to get unpacked. The first night we were in the same room and I slept on the floor but we now have two rooms, which is nice to have some privacy. We went to have dinner with a family last night that wanted prayer. They were a lovely family full of the love of God. They did not have much material things but they were so full of joy. It was evident they know the Lord. We had fellowship and a lovely dinner. We prayed and blessed them then left for another home to minister. This was a man and his son who have been tormented with demons in their dreams. As we prayed, God revealed that the son had been abused by the father. We spoke what we saw and the father began to cry. The Lord did a work in this family. The son had a wall around his heart and the Holy Spirit is tearing it down and replacing it with a soft pliable heart full of God's love. We got back here to our rooms about 11:30 PM.
      Today, we left at 9:30 AM to go to a house dedication. It is a big deal here in India when they get a new house. They have a big ceremony. They put up a tent, have music, singing and 5 pastors spoke words to them. Many family and friends attended. They have a meal afterwards but we did not stay for the meal. We had lunch at a restaurant and then went to change some money into ruppies so we could get some things from the store for our rooms. The main thing I wanted was some bottled water. We have a new thing that gets all of the germs out of the water but it still stinks and taste bad. Praise the Lord for our good water at home. I will never take it for granted again. We got here at 4:00 so I decided to write a note to tell you a little about my journey so far. I will be speaking to the young people this evening at 6:30 and then going to a wedding. I will preach in the morning at 7:00 AM and 10:45 AM. Pastor Francis has us busy while we are here. We just want to complete the mission our Father has for us to do.
       This morning, the lady that I prayed for last time that was so sad and God put a smile on her face, came to my room with that same smile on her face. Church, it is so rewarding to see people  that our Father has touched  in such a way that their life has been changed forever. I will share with you as much as I can about the things our Father does on this mission He has sent us (remember you are with me) on. To see people set free, healed, and saved is the great commission and that is what it is all about. Seeing our Father glorified and his people touched. Thanks for your prayers.

Much love to you all,
Your missionary, Bess