A Message from Bess to the Church
January 28, 2008

Dear Church,
     I am sitting in my room in India writing a few letters. I can go downstairs and get online and send them. The first day arriving here was a nightmare. The airport was horrible. The people were pushing and shoving. We could not get through customs. We finally got together and pushed our way through the crowd and made the man take our passport. Then when we went to get our luggage it was even worse. Miss Mary almost fell several times. It was one of my worst experiences. When we started out of the airport it was like a stampede, you just had to go. We could not see the people who were suppose to pick us up. We looked for 2 hours out on the street. People were asking us where we were going and we did not have the address or the phone number. We prayed together and I stayed with the luggage and Miss Mary went back towards the airport door in hopes of seeing our ride. Praise God, She walked straight into Pastor Jacksons wife who had been looking for us. We finally made it here. The first night I slept on the floor but the next day I got a room with a bed. The air conditioner does not work but I do have a fan. It is comfortable. We did not have bottled water but we have a thing Miss Mary bought for us that sterilizes the water but it does not take the smell out. I will never forget to thank God for my water at home again. We are so blessed. We did get to go buy water Saturday. It sure did taste good. What a delicacy!
     We have been very busy since we arrived. Pastor Jackson has much planned for us while we are and that is good because that is what it is about, helping people and glorifying God. Yesterday we started preaching at 7AM and preached until 12:30. It was four of us preaching, Miss Mary, a pastor from Korea, Pastor Jackson, and myself. We had fun and the people got so excited, so you know Who showed up, The ONE we all desire. He truly inhabits His children when they praise and worship Him. It was an awesome day. This missionary is still thanking Him for allowing me to be a part. These people are so dedicated to serving the Lord. They have 24 hour prayer at this church 7 days a week. They do truly hunger and thirst after righteousness. What a privalige God has given me.
    I am going to ride a camel. I will get some pictures and send to you all when I do. I have not taken many pictures thus far but I will get some. It is hard to get pictures when you are ministering. We have many people to pray for after a service. They all want more of God. This morning I went to get fitted for a Sori, the Indian traditional dress. Soloshina, the pastors wife gave me the fabric and had her maid to take me to the tailor. It was quite a trip. It was on the side of the street. There were three men with machines in a little stand. No door. You get measured by a man right there on the street. I will go back and take some pictures so you can see. I love the Sori. I think they are beautiful.
    This AM we had a pastors meeting. They get together every Monday morning. There were about 75 this morning from surrounding areas. I am still crying because of what I saw this morning. One of the pastors was beaten yesterday. He was preaching at his church and some Hindu guys came causing much destruction. They beat him and through him in jail. The other pastors got together and called Pastor Jackson for help. He now has a position in the government and told them what to do and to use his name. They got him out and he was there this morning. My friends as he stood there telling his story I began to weep. I will never forget his face or the impact it had on my heart. I began to ask God to forgive me for my complaining about my little discomforts when I am on the mission field. These people are so humble and real. Every time they go to church they are at risk but they continue on seeking more and more of Him. What a testimony!
     I am being blessed every way I turn seeing a people who are so hungry for our Lord. Keep us in your prayers and know you are in ours.

Much love your missionary, Bess