The Chronicle of Bess's Missions

Dear Church,

      I will share with you some of the amazing things the Lord has done in my life. How He has put this country girl on the mission field to do what He has designed for me to do, even before I was born. You know, we are all predestined before we are in our Mothers womb. He has a perfect plan for us; we just sometimes take a long time getting on the right path or turn the wrong way sometimes and have to be led back to the right path by the Word which is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.

      In 1986, I was asked to go to a service with my sister-in-law. She told me that she had heard about a preacher who is much anointed coming to a little country church near Lake Providence and she wanted me to go with her. I told her that I would ask Jack and if he would keep the children, I would love to go. Jack said it was fine so we went. We did not know exactly where the church was so we prayed and the Lord led us there. We were late getting there and sat on the back row. Rick was preaching. He stopped and had a word for me. He said,” You in the navy hat on the back row, the Lord says you are going with me to Brazil.” I looked and of course I was the only one with a hat. I began to cry because this was on Friday and Wednesday, the Lord had spoke to me and told me he was going to send me to Brazil. I knew that it would have to be Him in order for Jack, my husband to agree. The Lord told me that He would let me know when to tell Jack. One morning I was taking him to town to get one of our log trucks and the Lord said it was time for me to tell Him. Church, I said it as fast as I could get the words out of my mouth, “Jack, what would you say if I told you that God told me to go to Brazil?” He did not reply for a few minutes. He then faced me and replied, “If that is what the Lord said, then that is what you need to do.” I just began to cry because I knew the Lord had prepared his heart to allow me to go.

      I went with Rick Bonfim ministries in August of 1986. It was the most awesome time of my life. I had my thirtieth birthday in Brazil. We finished a children’s home parking lot while we there in Brasilia and then went to Rio for ministry. The first night of our services, Rick called on me to give a testimony. I said, “No, I can not.” At that time, I was very shy. I took a zero on an oral book report, rather than speak before a crowd. Rick would not take no for an answer. He came and took my hand to make me come and speak. The anointing came upon me as I began to speak. That was the beginning of the ministry call our Lord has upon my life. It has been a journey with lots of ups and downs but a very rewarding one. I am honored to be a servant of the Lord.

      On the first trip, we took children’s clothes to deliver to the poor. We went into the village and prayed for people, asked them to come to our services, and took clothing to distribute to the needy. We also mixed and poured concrete to finish the parking lot. It was such a blessing to be used to share the love of Christ.

      I went to Brazil a second time in November of 1986. This time we went to Rio DeJaneiro. We took clothes again to the poor, visited in the countryside asking people to church, and went to a mental hospital to pray for some of the patients. We saw the hand of God move upon the people. Many were saved, healed and set free. What a wonderful time in the Lord. The third time I went, Ray Jennings went with me. We actually started the foundation of the mission that Rick has in Rio now. Our days were filled with carrying buckets of concrete to make the foundation of the church and our nights were full of ministry to the people. We saw so many people touched by the hand of God. What an awesome God we serve.

      I became very ill after this trip. I sometimes thought my life was coming to an end. I had major heart problems and had many different heart surgeries for the course of about ten years. Many obstacles were put in my path to deter me from the mission my Father had for me. Finally, I got on the right path.

      In 2005, God miraculously put me with Mary Adams from Wasilla, Alaska. She has been traveling on the mission field for 23 years. We went on our first trip together in 2006. We left the states on February 25. Our first destination was Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia. We stayed there for one week sharing the love of Christ. Next, we went to Bangalore, India. We were there for three weeks. We went to different churches to encourage the people and share the love of our precious Lord. Many were touched and healed. The people are so hungry for the Word of God and His precious Holy Spirit. We in the US take so much for granted. India is a Hindu nation. People risk their lives to know the Lord. They walk for days to come to an anointed service. I have seen people sleep on the ground just to be at the service. What a privilege to serve the Bread of Life with such hungry souls.

     We returned to Kuala Lumpar for a few days and then went to Johor Buru, Malaysia. Our mission again was to serve the Bread of Life with the Water of the Spirit. One church we went to was a Presbyterian church. We were told not to speak on the Holy Spirit. We let the Lord lead and many were touched by His hand. The next day some of the people from the service asked us to a lunch at the biggest resort in Malaysia. The woman who owned the resort was at the service the night before and she wanted to talk to us. We had a wonderful meal served to us but we actually did not get to eat much because they were wanting to here testimonies of all the Lord had done in Miss Mary and my lives. We shared with them and after the meal, were taken into a special room. They asked us to pray for them to receive the Holy Spirit. How great is our God. He knew how hungry these people were and He made a plan for them to receive all He had for them. We have been back to this same church three years in a row. They try to get us as many times as they can when we are in Johor Buru.

     After Johor Buru was Singapore. We had several services at different churches. Each being led by the Spirit, with the demonstration of His love and power. Many people were touched by the hand of our Lord. One story I will share, a lady came to me and asked for prayer for her dad. He had the same ejection fraction in his heart that I did when I got so sick. Ejection fraction is how well your heart is pumping and his was 17%, very weak. The doctors told her that her dad was going to die. We prayed for him and then prophecy came to me. I told her that in two weeks her dad’s ejection fraction would be doubled, that he was going to be healed and would come home. The next year, we returned to the same place. As soon as I finished preaching, I opened up the altar. A young woman came running to me saying, “Sister Bess, do you remember me?” At first, I did not remember her, but as she spoke, I remembered. She said, “Last year when you were here you prayed for my dad. You said his heart would double in strength in two weeks and he would come home. Well, I want you to know that exactly two weeks later, his heart doubled in strength. He went home and is doing fine. I let him know that you are here and he is on his way here to see you.” This missionary began to cry thanking the Lord for allowing me the honor to meet this dear man. How great is our God!

      We returned to KL for a few days and then back to the good ole USA. It was quite an awesome experience for this country girl. We began planning our next trip shortly after we returned home. We prayed and asked the Lord for guidance and doors began to open.

      On December 29, 2006, I left for Wasilla, Alaska. The people in the prayer group and Miss Mary’s church are a part of my extended family now. I go in time to spend time with them before we leave the states and stay a few days in Alaska to minister there before I come home. We left for Malaysia on the 6th Of January. We ministered there until the 17th and left for South Africa. We went to Durban and met with Ralf Dupke. He is a prophet from Germany, living in Durban. He had arranged meetings for us. We traveled 8672 kilometers all over South Africa. Wow! The Lord did pour out His Holy Spirit, Living Water to a dry and thirsty land. Many miracles occurred. One being, a woman with aids came up in the prayer line at a service in Kimberley. I prayed for her and the power of God manifested. She said she felt the power. I prophesied to her. The Lord told her that what He had given her; she was to take home to her son. Her son had been sent home to die with aids. The next night, which was the final night of the revival, the pastor asked for people who had testimonies of what the Lord had done in their lives the last two nights to come forth and testify. This lady was the first in line. She said that the Lord had healed her and she had gone home and laid hands on her dying son. She said and this is what the Lord has done. Here came a young man walking down the aisle with his hands raised to God. It was her son and he had been healed. The fever was gone, he regained consciousness, and he was there to testify. Needless to say, this gal cried thanking the Lord.

      From Africa, we returned to KL for a few days, on to Singapore, and then to Borneo. It was just an awesome time to see the love of God being shared and His children being touched. How wonderful to see people being encouraged and lifted up by the Love of the Lord. I returned home in May.

       This year, 2008, I left on January 9 for Alaska. We left the states on the 15th of January for KL. Kuala Lumpar is our home away from home. We always fly in to KL and leave from there. This year was a very busy one. We had many services. Sometimes, three a day with prayer lines lasting as long as five hours. I truly learned when I am weak I am strong in Him. We left KL and went to Bangalore, India for one month. There was much ministry in India. Pastor Francis Jackson always has a lot for us to do. He has 157 churches that he has started in India. We also had a minister’s conference. I met many ministers from all over the world. It was a blessing. Our services started at 8:30 AM and lasted until 8:30 PM. We shared the Word and heard the Word. Many were touched by the Lord with healings. Deaf ears were opened and the crippled did walk. Glory!

       Our next stop was Sri Lanka. It was quite a challenge because they are in war. We had been there six hours when the first bomb went off close to where we were. The electricity went off with the explosion. Miss Mary and I did not say a Word, we just prayed. The peace of God consumed us and we were not afraid. After a while, the phone rang. It was the pastor calling to check on us. He heard the bomb and saw on the TV it was by us. He called to make sure we were OK. This was the first of three that went off near us while we were there. The pastors of the churches where we preached were all at our last service. They told us that they wanted to share with us what the Lord showed them. They said when we first arrived, they were like a fire that had smoldered out but since we had been there delivering the Word, the fire had been rekindled and it was blazing. We just cried as they thanked us for the refreshing we had brought them from the Lord. These are the things that make the discomforts for the flesh you encounter on the mission field of no effect. To see the joy on the faces after the Lord touches their lives is such a wonderful gift from the Lord.

       After Sri Lanka, we returned to KL for a few days, then over to Johor Buru and Singapore. My dear friend Katherine Chan is the dear sister who arranges the services in JB and Singapore and we stay in her home. I have learned to cook some Malaysian dishes at her home. She is truly a wonderful woman of God. We stayed with her for two weeks and then off to Australia for two weeks. Every where we went the Lord just poured out His love to His children. Praise His name.

       Our last two weeks were in Borneo and KL. We have many open doors for the upcoming year. We will return to India and Malaysia for sure. The rest is still in prayer. We want to go where the Lord wants us to go. There are many hungry people in the world, hungry for the Bread of Life and the Living Water of the Spirit. I am so thankful to be a servant of the Lord and serve the meal He prepares for His children; in the place He wants me to serve it.

       In October 2008, I returned to Brazil for the first time since the 1988 trip. I was so excited to go and see the mission that I helped to build. The first time I went into the church, all I could do was cry and thank the Lord for allowing me to return and see what I helped to build. The mission has grown a lot since I was last there. It now has a clinic, dentist, feeding program, as well as the church. We did a lot of maintenance on the mission during the day. We scrubbed walls and painted and at night had services at different places. Also, we went into the neighborhood praying for people and asked them to church. We saw many healed, saved, and set free the two weeks we were there. It was awesome to go back to the place that the ministry call on my life began.

       I know that the Lord has more to come for me in my life and I want to do it all in His time. My hearts desire is to see people who are hurting, lost, bound, sick, and all alone to meet the love of our Savior Jesus Christ. The Lord has made alive to me that there is no hurt to deep that His love cannot heal. His love is a healing salve that covers a broken heart and brings healing. We are the instruments the Lord needs to perform the operation that will heal the lives of the broken hearted. We are the conduit for His love to flow through to bring the healing. Keep us in your prayers as we prepare for the upcoming year. We want to go where He wants us to go.

Much love to you all,

Your Missionary, Bess Graham