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2008 Mission Trip


Since its beginning Christian Fellowship has been involved in mission work. Christian Fellowship is a small congregation of only a few hundred and most do not realize itís involvement with mission work.  There have been mission trips to Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Australia as well as support for mission work in Mexico.  Since 2006 Bess Graham has been going on mission trips with missionary Mary Adams of Alaska.

The mission trips to Brazil began in August of 1986. Bess Graham met Rick Bonfim by a devine appointment with God. He asked her to go and that is how Brazil got started. Bess helped finish an orphanage in Brasilia  on the first trip and then went on to Rio De Jeneiro where they also ministered there. Bess saw many miracles, healings and deliverances of possessed people. Bess went for the second time in November. We bought the land for a new church in Rio. The third time Bess went was in the summer of 1987 and Ray Jennings went with her. They worked on the foundation of the church on the land we bought plus ministered just about every night in services in the area. Ray went another time after that. When They went we had to take a bag of clothes for children and our clothes in one bag. It was an awesome experience.

Pastor George Ferrington went to Africa in 1992.

In 2005 Bess traveled to Alaska where she met Mary Adams. Since 2006 Bess has traveled with Miss Mary covering places in Asia, Africa and in 2008 Australia. Click on the link for information and pictures of those trips

The Chronicle of Bess's Missions
2008 Mission Trip